Federal Government Solicitor’s Office, workplace design, Copenhagen

Renovation and interior design of the Shell building for the Federal Government Solicitors’ Office with a focus on opportunity for both interaction and deep concentration


Workplace design


Copenhagen, Denmark


2006 / 2008 / 2011




7,600 m²


ATP Ejendomme

PLH has been responsible for an extensive site search and evaluation process that has resulted in selection, renovation and interior design of the Federal Government Solicitors’ Office’s premises in Copenhagen.

PLH’s renovation of the Shell building, which was designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen in 1950, was undertaken with respect for the building’s original architecture and facade modulation.

The building and spatial design is based on the concept of ”solidity and transparency,” and with a focus on opportunity for both interaction and deep concentration. There has been a focus on quality detailing and much of the furniture is especially designed to meet the user’s needs, and maximize file storage capacity. The concept for colors and materials is a simple palette of oak, white and glass, with red as a highlight, together with extensive art installations through the offices and common facilities.

Steen Enrico Andersen
+ 45 4036 6412

The workplace design process included extensive interviews and interactive sessions with staff and partners, preparation of a needs analysis, design concept reflecting the firm’s profile and values, art strategy, design of specialist joinery and a new storage unit series and furniture tender, together with complete detailed design, tender and site supervision of the project.

As the needs of the Federal Governments Solicitor’s Office has changed over the years. PLH has been in charge of several renovations and interior design projects.