Urban Architecture

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Housing, shopping centers, city halls, cultural institutions, hotels and educational facilities – whatever the project, PLH Arkitekter always develops designs that increase quality of life for the people using them. Through sustainable architecture we improve the framework that envelops everyday life and people’s movements, interests and activities. More than 45 years of experience has given us the ability to balance social, economic and environmental considerations, creating durable, solid constructions that can stand the test of time, for the benefit of generations to come.

When it comes to Urban Architecture, our expertise is full-scale, in-depth and all-encompassing. Whether a client needs a new build, renovations or a complete transformation, we deliver guidance that ensures that strategy and concepts are translated into beautiful, innovative structures. We know that any building, civic or commercial, must relate to its surroundings and add value to its urban context. We understand how to secure the best conditions for visitors, customers, citizens as well as suppliers and optimize accessibility, wayfinding along with logistics. And we have the know-how to lead even highly complex projects, while creating strong results for clients, collaborators and end-users alike.


Søren Mølbak

CEO, Partner, Architect MAA


T: +45 2720 0591

Lars Toksvig

Partner, Architect MAA


T: +45 2720 0595