Hotel Scandic Nørreport, Copenhagen

In the heart of Copenhagen, PLH Arkitekter has designed a thorough renovation of a century-old building, where Scandic has opened its first Danish boutique hotel with a restaurant, rooftop bar and public roof terrace. The hotel is also the first Danish hotel to achieve a certification with The Nordic Swan Ecolabel's new strict requirements.


  • Corporate
  • Urban


Copenhagen, Denmark


2018 – 2022




5,000 m²


ATP Ejendomme


Customer: ATP Ejendomme
Tenant: Scandic
Engineer: MOE
management contractor: MBG Entreprise
Interior designer: Bønnelycke MDD


The Nordic Swan Ecolabel and DGNB certified

In the Danish capital, you will now find a new, unique hotel experience. Centrally located on Frederiksborggade by Nørreport Station, PLH Arkitekter has tailor-made a thorough renovation of a historic building from 1917. With respect for the property's history, character and surrounding architecture, the building has been transformed from an office into a welcoming, modern destination, where the hotel chain Scandic has now opened its ninth hotel in central Copenhagen.

With its many years of history, the property has served as everything from a luxury apartments, bank and menswear manufacturer to offices. Consequently, each floor was decorated differently, and the building has, among other things, been 3D-scanned to ensure an optimal, new floor plan in interaction with the existing construction.

“The work with Scandic Nørreport has been complex but at the same time incredibly exciting and rewarding. We have continually been reminded of the building’s history, which has appeared behind every wall and under every floor. Thanks to the good collaboration with our partners, we have, instead of tearing it down, given the building new life and created a contemporary environment built around the historical framework,” says Peter Rebild, project architect at PLH Arkitekter.

Peter Rebild
Architect MAA
T: +45 2384 6257

With its 100 rooms and special focus on the small details, intimacy and the informal atmosphere, the hotel is Scandic's first so-called boutique hotel.

“The tailor-made design and central location make Scandic Nørreport completely unique – a breathing space with direct access to all the metropolis' experiences. A tremendous and extremely successful effort was made to transform the building so that we can welcome our guests in modern surroundings that have soul and personality,” says hotel director Mads Brockmann-Petersen.

From the hotel's roof terrace and bar on the 6th floor, there is an unobstructed view of the Copenhagen skyline and the city’s many sights. The vista can be enjoyed by hotel guests, locals and tourists alike, as there is public access.

In the construction process and the transformation into a state-of-the-art hotel, strict sustainability requirements have been set. This also applies to the hotel's daily operations, and Scandic Nørreport will thus be the first Danish hotel to be certified according to The Nordic Swan Ecolabel's new stricter requirements, where there is a special focus on minimal climate impact – including reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, increased use of eco-labeled cleaning products, increased share of serving food that does not harm the environment, as well as a heightened effort to fight food waste.