Life Science

Key services

Lab architecture
Space planning
Project management
Client consultancy 
User workshops & change management
Strategic advice  

Our life science team includes a broad mix of architects, designers, experts and creatives. We specialize in the fields of medico, pharma, health and tech and through five decades, we have created frameworks that surround some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. In close collaboration with our clients, we develop inspiring, versatile laboratories, production facilities and office spaces that boost efficiency, strengthen productivity and ensure optimal working conditions for the individual users.

Since our founding in 1977, PLH Arkitekter has been on a mission to increase quality of life through architecture. For every project we undertake, the starting point remains our quest to improve upon the structures that shape people’s everyday life and generate positive change for human beings, wherever they may live, travel – and heal. With our never wavering passion, curiosity and devotion when it comes to understanding the underlying factors of human behavior and health, we create efficacious designs to support everything from hospices and drug consumption centers to state-of-the-art medical set-ups with cutting-edge technology. We find holistic, comprehensive solutions, always based upon user needs, wishes and well-being.


Søren Mølbak

CEO, Partner, Architect MAA

T: +45 2720 0591

Kirsten Herup Søvang

Partner, Architect MAA

T: +45 5141 2859