PLH Arkitekter

At PLH, we improve the framework around everyday life. Whether we design workplaces to increase knowledge sharing and wellbeing, or create functional, safe stations with clear wayfinding – our purpose is always to improve quality of life when people use space.

PLH’s mission is to improve the quality of life through design. That is, through architecture we improve the way we work and live our lives, and as a result create value for our clients. We see opportunities to create positive change in every project that can both surprise and exceed expectations. The greatest moments of our success are when we hand over a building to its future users and it comes alive as functional and inspiring new spaces.

For over 45 years, PLH has developed new processes and methods within user-driven design. Using our clients’ identity and values as a starting point, we draw on our decades of know-how to create solutions of the highest architectural quality that find balance between social, economic and environmental factors. It is through a deep and contextual understanding of our clients’ needs that we are able to address the challenges facing them in the future.

Sustainable design improves quality of life

The true fruits of our work are where the built environment becomes a better place for people - whether it's minimizing energy consumption, improving the indoor climate or establishing structures that solve social challenges.

Sustainability is integrated into our projects from the initial thinking about form and function, where passive design parameters help define the physical design. We see integrated design with workshops and knowledge sharing between the partners as the best basis for developing sustainable projects that are aesthetically, functionally, and economically value-added.

Since 2010 PLH Arkitekter has subscribesd to the UN Guidelines for Corporate Use of Social Responsibility: the UN Global Compact. Each year we report on how we have implemented the UN's ten principles of social responsibility. See our newest report to the UN here.

Read "Sustainability Commitment Report 2023"


10,000 new workplaces a year improving the worklife balance

Every year approximately 10,000 employees get new workplaces designed by PLH. Our experience shows that providing variations in work settings and atmospheres, and individual choices are attractive and motivating workspace features. This is another way that we foster improving effects on staff performance and well-being, whilst impacting positively on the business.


450,000 people travel each day using infrastructure designed by PLH

Every day approx 450,000 people travel on the roads, railways and metro lines that PLH has designed. Infrastructure is a vital part of the development of cities, creating a network with the potential to boost urban and regional change - and we are proud that our projects improve everyday life for that many people.



At PLH we have always had an international outlook - through the years PLH has worked on projects all over the world and in as different countries as USA, Singapore, Poland and Lithuania. All together we have worked on projects i 55 countries worldwide.


To the ceiling

At PLH there is room to think big. And space enough for everyone. We have several different generations and a dozen nationalities under the same roof. And really, with 5.8 meters to the ceiling, we do literally have the actual room and space at our amazing office in a former factory in Vermundsgade, Copenhagen.

We are the partner group

Each member of the partner group has their own expert competencies and experience within diverse areas and typologies. The partner team is galvanized around a common mission to improve the framework around everyday life, wherever people interact with space.

As a client, you will experience the team as dedicated and engaged collaboration partners and advisors that proactively draw on each other’s expertise to arrive at the solutions that achieve the most valuable results.

Photo from the left:
Kirsten Herup Søvang, Partner and Owner, Architect MAA
Paulette Christophersen, Partner and Owner, Interior Designer, MDIA MDD
Søren Mølbak, CEO, Partner and Owner, Architect MAA
Lars Toksvig, Partner and Owner, Architect MAA

Organisation and Partner Group
PLH Arkitekter A/S is a limited company equally owned by four partners:
- Lars Toksvig, Paulette Christophersen, Søren Mølbak, and Kirsten Herup Søvang.

The company board is made up of the partner group with solicitor Steen Hellmann from the law firm Gorrissen Federspiel as chairman.

PLH Arkitekter is a member of the Danish Association of Architectural Firms, DANSKE ARK.

PLH Arkitekter A/S | Vermundsgade 38K | DK-2100 København Ø | CVR DK 27919502 | Tel: (+45) 3543 0055