Google, workplace design, Copenhagen

Storytelling from a local perspective


Workplace design


Copenhagen, Denmark






1,120 m²



Google’s new Copenhagen office at Skt. Petri Passage 5 represents the unique, innovative culture of the company within the context of local history, Danish storytelling and nature and environmental sustainability.

Google’s belief in designing locally, designing to the building and having, fun has enabled PLH to create an office that is clearly Google, but with a Copenhagen personality. All the new planning and design elements are exciting additions or add-ons to the historic shell, which is given permission to stand strong and proud as a stage for Google’s activities.

Paulette Christophersen
+ 45 2464 7133

The interface areas of reception, exhibition space and meeting rooms, are inspired by the theme of Danish nature – with its cycle of colour, and variations of light and texture. The café and snack bar is located centrally to both the client zone and office areas, and is inspired by the succulent, vivid green forests in springtime.

The office areas and associated media lounge and play room take inspiration from Danish story-telling - great thinkers and authors with stories that inspire you, and remind us that the imagination has unlimited space.