Amber Park Center, Vilnius

A unique hotel-office-complex adapted in new city focal point and nature


  • Urban
  • Retail


Vilnius, Lithuania




Competition proposal


19,500 m² (11,950 m² office+ 7,500 m² hotel)


Lords LB Asset Management

PLH submitted the design proposal for Amber Park Centre in a limited international competition for the enrichment and development of a new city focal point in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our proposal calls for creating a hotel and office complex on a hill slope to the bank of the Neris River. Our intention was to create an urban landmark that enhances the area architecturally, while introducing a series of new and attractive public spaces.

Amber Park Centre was designed to draw nature into the city by introducing buildings and structures with organic forms and establishing a central greens area. The complex’s unique architectural expression, with soft, supple contours reminiscent of the polished amber washed on the Lithuanian shoreline, allows it stand out as a city icon.

Steen Enrico Andersen
+ 45 4036 6412

The base of the complex is proposed as a 5-6 story office volume, designed for flexibility and ease of adaptation to accommodate the needs of multiple tenants. The 15-16 story hotel tower rises from the base building and offers 75% of the guest rooms outstanding views of the Neris River and the historical city centre.

A winter garden is designed at the core of the complex, with a pedestrian/cycle passageway beneath it at level -1. The winter garden and passage, together with the new park area and a pre-existing passageway with shops and cafés, offers an intimate, safe and attractive means of connecting the different quarters of the city.

The newly established park, which extends down toward the river bank, is landscaped in vegetation that complements the city’s natural oases of birch and pine groves. The park area includes playgrounds, fountains, illuminated pedestrian and cycling routes, kiosks and cafes.