Gallery K, Copenhagen

Classic arcades in carefully configured design located in the heart of Copenhagen


  • Urban
  • Retail


Copenhagen, Denmark






10,000 m² (500 m² parking)


Aps Kbil 38 Nr. 2552


Leif Hansen Engineering A/S

Gallery K represents a renovation and new interior design of the former Cityarkaden, a shopping arcade in the heart of Copenhagen. The design is based on the classical shopping arcade of the 1900’s, with a glass roof that shields from the rain, but is otherwise exposed to wind and weather. Through carefully configured design and detailing rich in character, the architectural qualities of the area are significantly enhanced.

The building includes approximately 10,000 m² of retail space distributed on two levels and accommodates approximately 30 tenants. The project also includes underground parking and the renovation of 5 apartments.

The majority of the shops are configured as high-street retail venues with open, vibrant facades and displays that stimulate street activity. Mezzanines in the open, glass-covered atrium provide access to the upper level shops. The former street, “Citygade” has been reopened via a passageway connecting it to two main thoroughfares, and a new plaza and sidewalk café have been established at the main entrance.

Søren Mølbak
+ 45 2720 0591

In order to recreate the elegant 1900’s atmosphere, all facades have been restored to their original character based on photographs from the turn of the century. The delicate stucco ornamentation and granite cornices, which were removed after a heavy-handed modernization in the 1970’s, have been re-established.

Two prominent 7.5 metre high bronze doors frame the entry portal to the gallery. The doors have been custom designed and are the largest of their kind in Denmark, and due to the special casting technique with filigree patterned holes, the gates appear surprisingly weightless.