Waterworks, Thorsbro

The new waterworks at Thorsbro is designed in a modern design. A series of pavements will be constructed so that visitors are able to experience the contrast between new and old waterworks in Denmark


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Thorsbro, Denmark


2018 – 2023


In progress


6,100 m²




Turnkey consultant/engineer: COWI
Process advisor: NIRAS and Krüger

The new building is located next to the old waterworks, which has existed since 1908. The old works still functions, but has been converted into a museum to convey the history and development of the works.

The new waterworks is located in an area designated as a cultural heritage site that may have ancient monuments, and there are also several buildings with conservation orders marked on the land register. Therefore, the new waterworks is designed and located in a way that allows the building to meld into the existing cultural heritage site, while its contemporary design expresses its newness.

Gotlieb Paludan Architects designed the new waterworks. Their design is based on the waterworks museum's folded roofs, but while the museum has white plastered facades, the new waterworks is constructed in dark facade materials. PLH Arkitekter took over the project once the design phase was complete.

Contrary to the old waterworks' introverted design, the new waterworks is open, so that water production is displayed in an open and transparent building with large windows and walkways that invite those passing close by the facility to have a look inside. The entrance section is made exclusively of glass and aluminum, which ensures visibility from the building and access, thus creating a connection between passers-by and plant employees.

The plant is designed with softening systems and associated process rooms.

Sally R. Jessen
T: +45 2720 6997

Arkitekterne Gotlieb Paludan har designet det nye vandværk ved Thorsbro