Office hub, Copenhagen

Copen: An elegant office hub on one of Copenhagen's best addresses.




Copenhagen, Denmark




10,000 m²






Expected to be certified DGNB Gold

Where the Islands Brygge neighborhood meets Amager Boulevard, a series of prominent HQ's with views towards Christianshavn and Central Copenhagen can be found. For the first time in many years, a new addition now joins this lineup as PLH Arkitekter has designed Copen — a state-of-the-art office hub spanning 10,000 m² and located next to the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, with NCC PD as the builder.


Søren Mølbak
+ 45 2720 0591

Precise architecture with a green touch

With its narrow form and precise expression, Copen positions itself elegantly between the hotel and the existing HQs on Islands Brygge. At the entrance facing Weidekampsgade, one encounters a slim profile with a warm ambiance, as the facade opens up with glass from top to bottom. Straight lines extend across, dividing the surface into a harmonious symmetry and highlighting the building's floor divisions.

Next to the entrance, a lush plant wall stretches the full height of the structure. It will become a remarkable element for Copen, as well as for the cityscape, as the vertical garden will illuminate, bring life, and contribute to a calming and inviting atmosphere throughout the area. The plant wall also aligns with the green profile of Copen and its surroundings.

A unique view and state-of-the-art facilities

At the opposite end, facing Amager Boulevard, an exclusive rooftop terrace will offer views over large parts of inner Copenhagen, especially Christianshavn's ramparts and Christians Kirken (Christian’s Church), towards which the building points. Thus, users of Copen can enjoy a unique view of the city, shared only with the neighboring HQs.

As a workspace, Copen contains all the functions required for modern work life. Facilities such as a reception, meeting center, cafeteria, and VIP room are shared, providing a space-efficient solution that opens up a larger accessible space in the individual office areas. The interior is executed in bright, warm tones with prominent use of wood, creating a pleasant, fresh universe indoors. The result is an office hub that provides inspiring experiences for its users.

Sustainability solutions

Copen is expected to achieve a DGNB Gold certification for social, climate, and environmental sustainability. The carbon footprint is being mapped and minimized based on a life cycle analysis. Green initiatives such as solar panels on the roof and the creation of green surroundings around the building are implemented in harmony with the City of Copenhagen's greening strategy.