DSV, office building, Hedehusene

An expansion of DSV's headquarters will transform the company's site into a campus that unites employees in a green oasis. PLH Arkitekter has designed the expansion and prepared the zoning plan.




Hedehusene, Denmark






Turnkey contractor: DS Flexhal


Expected to be certified DGNB Gold

The expansion will take the form of a new building to the south of the current headquarters at Hedehusene. The vision is not only to provide more workplaces, but to create a vibrant campus area where the two buildings support each other. DSV's employees can freely use both buildings and their many facilities, such as the new padel court that will be established in connection with the new building. This is in line with DSV's 'one company' philosophy of a unified organization.


Søren Mølbak
+ 45 2720 0591

In the design of the new building, emphasis has been placed on creating a place that encourages creativity and collaboration across the organization. This is achieved by creating many large, open areas that invite people to spend time, have informal meetings and engage in conversation.

Users can also look forward to a workplace where one feels connected to nature. The office spaces are located with a view of the sweeping landscape outside, while a green courtyard in the middle becomes the ideal destination for those little everyday breaks. The courtyard is closely connected to the canteen.

A special feature is the dramatic slope of the terrain, which is exploited to create interesting environments inside and out. The lower floor follows the landscape below it, allowing the building to open up into large, beautiful spaces on one side. The courtyard will also be a varied environment with terracing that follows the landscape.

Natural, Nordic materials, especially wood, are used extensively in the interior design, both as a sustainability measure and as a feature that contributes to a beautiful and comfortable environment that one looks forward to spending time in every day. The new building is expected to receive the DGNB Gold sustainability certification.

With this project, DSV and PLH Arkitekter add another chapter to a long and close collaboration. PLH has designed the transportation company's existing headquarters in Hedehusene, an extension and a domicile in Warsaw.