Office hub, Ørestad

PLH has designed a new office hub between the high and low city structure in the south of Copenhagen. In the design, the building embraces the two city structures with a sloping roof creating interesting interior spaces and two beautiful atriums – each with their own identity.




Ørestad, Copenhagen, Denmark




Development project


15,900 m²





BLVD. 31 is a new office hub, built between two different building typologies. To the east, there is a residential area with low brick houses and green areas. In all other directions, there are high office-, apartment-, and hotel buildings. The concept for BLVD. 31 is to embrace both the high city structure, the low brick house and the green areas – making the new office building a link between the city and nature.

An office hub with interesting offices

Interesting offices are created in the new office hub as a result of the sloping roof. Thus, BLVD. 31 is a flexible office hub that appeals to all kinds of tenants. All the spaces have great acoustics, and they all are facing green areas.

The building is designed with clean lines, an industrial touch, and it adds new offers to the area such as a cafe, a meeting point, and a winter garden with a canteen, different kinds of offices spaces and a rooftop terrace. Summed up, the office building is an active and open building that invites the users inside.

Søren Mølbak
+ 45 2720 0591

Two atriums – two identities

The idea about embracing both the high and low city structure is shown in the design of the building, e.g. by creating two different atriums – each with their own identity, height, and entrances.

The high ceilinged atrium is facing the busy street Ørestads Boulevard as well as the high office- and apartment buildings. Here, the main entrance is placed to create a wow-factor for the users and the visitors, entering directly into a magnificent and spacious atrium.

BLVD. 31’s lower ceilinged atrium opens up against the residential area and the dike surrounding the building. Here, the entrance has a more private atmosphere with a great potential for having informal meetings and encouraging knowledge sharing. All in all the design of the office hub contributes to an office environment a fascinating expression, varied floors and different atmospheres.

A green profile and certification

BLVD. 31 aims for a DGNB Gold-certification, which means that there is a great focus on developing a building with good indoor climate and energy-efficient actions - e.g. a green sedum roof combined with solar cells.