DSV, headquarters, Hedehusene

A Design Strategy to unite the Global Organization – ‘One Company – One DSV’. The new headquarters functions as a cultural base - reflecting DSV's ways of working.




Hedehusene, Denmark


2012 – 2014




16,000 m² (office) 12,000 m² (terminal)




GHB Landskabsarkitekter



PLH has designed a new global headquarters and distribution center for the transport and logistics company DSV in Hedehusene.

When PLH conceived its competition-winning design, the client’s expressed vision for “One company one DSV” was powerfully translated into a simple, egalitarian square-formed atrium building - one room where all staff is equal. Perched at the most elevated part of the site, the administration building, with its 750 workspaces, has a view over the transshipment terminal – a daily reminder of the firm’s core business.

As a global hub, the site hosts an array of flexible conference and events facilities, catering from 50-700 people. The double-height canteen extends outside with a large dining terrace, offering attractive outdoor areas for staff and visitors.

The goal for the workplace design was to provide a healthy, calm and user-friendly environment to balance the fast-paced, daily demands of responding to the transport services and logistic needs of customers. All facades of the building have break-out cafés with terraces, enabling a quick recharge with fresh air and refreshments, close to the individual workspaces.

The project incorporates a number of sustainable initiatives, including solar panels across the vast roof of the goods terminal, and the LED lighting throughout the office building. The facade is designed as an intelligent climate screen that automatically adjusts to optimize thermal comfort and lighting conditions. The stepped up ceiling and atrium design provides natural daylight deep into the building, whilst the acoustic properties of the balcony fronts, core claddings, flooring and ceilings provide optimal sound attenuation.

The office building was listed on The Danish Association of Architectural Firms' list of exemplary architecture – 'Architecture creates value'. The reasons were, among others, that the new office building has strengthened the company’s working culture, heighted work efficiency and strengthened the company identity and branding.

The building has been awarded the Danish In-situ Concrete prize 2015, for its demonstration of the innovative use of concrete.

Søren Mølbak
T: +45 2720 0591

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”The design of the building is important to DSV because it combines functionality, quality and most of all - a safe and inspiring working environment. We are continuing the DSV tradition of having our operative activities and our global headquarters under the same roof”

- Jens Bjørn Andersen, CEO DSV A/S.

"The building we are in now is at the absolute top level of office buildings, and it has had an extremly positive effect on the overall wellbeing."

- Brian Winther Almind, Executive Vice President, Group Property, DSV

En brugerundersøgelse viser at den nye arbejdsplads skaber høj branding værdi - følelsen af “One company - one DSV” er steget til 92% (fra 7% før flytningen).

En brugerundersøgelse viser at medarbejdertilfredsheden med workplace design, arbejdsmiljø og motivationen er steget til 85% (fra 43% før flytningen).

”Now, we even dress better”
“The tone between us has become much nicer”
“It's very motivating to be working in such a light and airy office building”
”We work together in a better way”
”The atmosphere is less stressful – it's hard not to smile which is kind of cool!”

- Quotes from DSV employees after moving in to the new office building