DSV, workplace design, Hedehusene

For the DSV HQ project in Hedehusene, PLH Arkitekter has done far more than design a unique building. PLH Arkitekter has also been responsible for the interior design – from the reception area in the large atrium, out into every nook and cranny. Based on a concept characterized by high quality, functionalism and Scandinavian simplicity, DSV has had its needs for a tailor-made environment and a new unifying identity fulfilled.


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Hedehusene, Denmark




26,000 m²





In designing DSV’s headquarters, PLH Arkitekter has created an environment and a visual identity that characterizes and unites the global organization based on the design strategy “One Company - One DSV”. The focus has been on creating a modern and flexible interior that supports growth and DSV’s demand for short decision-making processes.

“The headquarters is a daily hub for several hundred employees and visitors from all over the world. This is something we have put a strong emphasize on in our design; from the moment you enter the expansive atrium, you encounter the DNA that binds DSV together. A calm, Scandinavian expression with an international flair is combined with a focus on rationality and efficiency. Fast communication routes and short distances between everything support DSV’s need for action and creates coherence within the large building,” says PLH partner Paulette Christophersen.

Paulette Christophersen
T: +45 2464 7133

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Designed and furnished for social and professional cohesion

From top to bottom, the headquarters is packed with facilities that make it one of Denmark's most unique campuses. Although the building spans across 26,000 m², all functions and facilities are just a few meters away.

The wide corridors, walkways and the strategic location of everything from the many offices and meeting areas to teaching facilities and kitchenettes have been designed based on DSV’s needs, so that both social and professional cohesion are created throughout the building. During a busy day, it is easy to see and find each other. The design supports openness, the need for quick decisions and knowledge sharing. From the kitchenettes located on the various floors, there is also access to balconies to get a bit of fresh air and take in the views of the surrounding countryside. The large terminal building used for receiving and redistributing goods can also be seen.

At the bottom of the building, a host of facilities elevate the HQ to a level that is far from ordinary. Lectures can be watched from the comfortable chairs in the conference center, which are wrapped in warm wooden cladding. The nearby classrooms are designed so that the size can be adapted. During breaks, employees and guests can go directly into the inner courtyard, which has inviting green seating areas where people can stay and socialize.

Next stop is the bright and open canteen, where refreshments can be enjoyed in several different dining areas that can also be used for various informal meetings, ensuring that the area remains active throughout the day. Being an extension of the inner courtyard, the canteen allows employees and visitors to easily alternate between eating and meeting up indoors and out. Furthermore, the building has external terraces varying in size that can be turned into informal surroundings. And for times when deep concentration or alone time is needed, a library has been set up that serves as a quiet space for reflection, decorated in warm colors and furnished with soft, and comfortable furniture. When the working day is over, a large, state-of-the-art fitness center provides opportunities for employees to meet up with colleagues and stay healthy.

Focus on simplicity and quality

DSV’s HQ is characterized by its simple design lines and top-notch quality. In the design strategy, there have been no compromises made as to the materials used. This enables an optimal framework for employees and visitors alike, both in terms of aesthetics and function. Every detail has been thought through, including sound-absorbing wall and ceiling cladding that provides good acoustics and tranquility.

The choice of colors reflects DSV’s signature color palette, while emphasizing the different areas and functions in the building. In the atrium, the iconic blue color from DSV’s logo helps to create an international business vibe, while as around the building, shades of green are used to create cohesion between the indoors and outdoors, while warm, uniform and vibrant colors are used to create inviting environments in common areas, where social interaction and knowledge sharing are essential.

A home for DSV

Through its design and the interior of DSV’s headqyarters, PLH Arkitekter has brought the vision of a common home for the global transport giant to life. With this building, PLH Arkitekter has created far more than a functional framework for growth that contributes to productivity, development and social interaction. An identity has been created for DSV, which has made the headquartes in Hedehusene a focal point for a global company always on the move.