Tuborg Havnevej 18, office hub, Hellerup

A resort for work overlooking the Øresund stands out as a transparent and crystal-like mass


  • Corporate
  • Workplace design


Hellerup, Denmark






13,500 m² (4,100 m² parking)


Carlsberg A/S Ejendomme


Rambøll Denmark

This atrium building is located on Tuborg Havnevej in Hellerup overlooking the Øresund. The building stands out as a transparent and crystal-like mass, with glazed facades incorporating exterior sun screening in the form of adjustable glass louvers. The building’s interior is more organically formed with curved balconies and timber clad cores.

Steen Enrico Andersen
+ 45 4036 6412

The atrium acts as a melting pot where knowledge permeates the atmosphere – a place where it converges and is shared amongst colleagues. The vast glass atrium roof floods the inner volume with daylight and, together with the extensive acoustic treatments and many natural materials, provides a highly conducive indoor climate. Whilst the ground floor accommodates shared facilities such as coffee-stops, meeting rooms and restaurant, the open office floors provide quieter zones for more individual activities.

Originally designed for a major international consultancy firm, Tuborg Havnevej was the first office building in Denmark to focus on workplace design and the impact of a sound work environment on the organization. The physical framework of the building – particularly in the atrium - supports business goals by encouraging employee interaction and integration of the company’s various business units.

PLH was responsible for the workplace and building programmes, and was subsequently commissioned for the architectural and interior design of the building. The project is the product of a highly collaborative design process, involving user groups throughout the various project phases.