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Sound transformed to workplace design in four different hubs, each representing a colour and design that symbolizes a unique experience with sound. This way of designing sets the framework for a workplace characterized by innovation, knowledgesharing and cooperation


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13,260 m²




Geyer Design, Singapore

PLH has worked closely with Sivantos to realize the company’s new headquarters – the Singapore-based company is one of the key players in the global hearing aid industry.

Upon entering the building, it becomes clear that sound is the focal point of this organization. Inspired by sound waves, an exciting sculptural ‘sound wall’ sits in the building’s reception area – establishing a strong and immediate wow factor to anybody who visits.

Sivantos’ new headquarters have been visualized around the design concept "Connected by Sound" which draws on two themes – "Sound unites us« and »Sound as a celebration of global diversity", making the workplace a physical manifestation of the experience and connective potential of sound.

The office has been designed to aid research & development, production and administration; the design intends to improve collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst employees, giving workers a place that inspires them, and a place that they can be proud of.

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After a merger in 2019, Sivantos is now known as WS Audiology.
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“The new headquarters has completely transformed the culture of working here at Sivantos, making the interaction between different departments and teams much stronger.”

- Nicolai R. Jensen, Senior Vice President for Human Resource

Each floor features its own hub.
The hub is a destination for thinking, focusing and working – each hub features small meeting rooms, a place to eat, a space to relax or work with colleagues, and facilities to take or make private calls. Colour schemes have been carefully selected to feature throughout the building. The blue colour used in the reception area speaks of Sivantos’ brand colours, inviting visitors into the company’s new headquarters. The greenery that features in the nature-hub takes its inspiration from Singapore’s beautiful green landscape; the small city-hub is inspired by Singapore’s nighttime landscape – featuring neon lights and a warm colour scheme; The orange celebration-hub represents festivities and life’s celebrations.


'We were intrigued by the imaginative and supremely artistic way that the subject of sound has been integrated into a unique interior. A design that’s harmonious down to the last detail and that makes sound palpable to all the senses.'

The German Design Awards are the international premier prize awarded by the German Design Council. Its goal: to discover, present, and honour unique trends in design. Every year, high-calibre entries in the fields of product and communication design are honoured, each of which blazes new trails in the international design landscape. The German Design Awards, launched in 2012, are among the most prestigious design competitions worldwide and have an excellent reputation far beyond specialist circles.

'Special Mention' awards are given to works with designs that feature particularly successful partial aspects or solutions – these prizes honour the commitment of companies and designers.


Sivantos receives five stars for best ‘surface design’ at The Asia Pacific Property Award in Bangkok. Five stars is the top rating, and now the project is nominated for the regional award for entire Asia.

The Asia Pacific Property Awards is widely recognised throughout the region. An independent panel of over 80 industry experts judges the Asia Pacific Property Awards. Judges focus on design, quality, service, innovation, originality, and commitment to sustainability.

All zones have their own feature colour - inpired by Sivantos' corporate visual identity.
The use of various colours throughout the building represents the individuality and diversity of different sounds. Having different zones within the building gives employees the opportunity to work where best suits them - this concept of a flexible working environment allows creativity and innovation to prosper.