Copenhagen Metro stations, Ørestad

Five above ground stations designed as open and transparent pavilons, that integrate the metro line as a vital element within the city.




Ørestad, Copenhagen, Denmark






Ørestad Corporation


EKJ rådgivende ingeniører A/S

The five above ground metro stations in Ørestad, on Amager, are designed as light pavilions in glass and steel. The pavilions’ structures are open and transparent, so the stations appear as elevated highlights over the track network’s long and heavy concrete constructions.

The vast glass planes give both light and protection, so that the waiting passengers are protected under open skies and at the same time are able to orientate themselves towards Ørestad’s wider development.

In the evening and night hours, the stations become visible with their electric lighting and the reflections from the glazed elements. In that way, they integrate the metro line as a vital element within the city.

A feature of the design concept is its ability to adapt to the specific track conditions at each location, such that each station pavilion can integrate the variations in terms of bridges and terrain. The characteristic features for arrival and departure are preserved, and the metro line with its highlights has a strong, yet varied continuity.

PLH has undertaken the design, documentation and implementation of the five stations.

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