PLH Partner joins the global stage to talk about re-imagining the workplace of the future

Architects and designers from across the globe are currently connecting virtually to share personal and regional stories about how Covid19 is changing work life and design in their countries.

During 2020, the entire world has experienced a radical change in how we work due to Covid19. Whilst it is common to all countries that the virus has forced people to leave the office and work remotely, there is a great diversity in national responses due to cultural norms, political frameworks, socio-economic conditions, design ethos and more.

New publication shares Covid-stories

Paulette Christophersen, PLH Partner and expert in workplace design, has together with leading design firms from around the globe shared unique perspectives on the state of the workplace. Together with Paulette, designers from Australia, Singapore, Scotland, the UK and the United States, share their local stories in a new publication. The publication is available here:

Online conference

Since the publication was made public last week, the global team of designers and authors of the stories have been invited to present their stories at multiple online events. Paulette will together with the co-authors from Bates Smart, Studio O+A, GoSpace AI and M Moser Associates, participate in following virtual events:

“Denmark’s most important contribution to the global debate is showing the value of happiness at work, social cohesion, quality design and digital integration. We must show how work from everywhere (office, home, in between spaces) must address both the physical and psychological aspects of workplace design, and that people are different and therefore solutions need to be flexible and developed through inclusive dialogue.” - Paulette Christophersen, Partner PLH Arkitekter and expert in workplace design.