PLH Arkitekter is on the winning team behind Hillerød's new stadium district

The project team, which includes PLH Arkitekter as sub-consultants, has won the architecture competition for a brand-new stadium, sports facility, and public space in Favrholm in Hillerød.

Together with a project team consisting of Elkiær + Ebbeskov Arkitekter as main-concultants, MASU Planning as landscape architects, and OJ Rådgivende Ingeniører, PLH Arkitekter has won the architecture competition for the new stadium district, “Stadionkvarteret”, in the Favrholm development area in Hillerød Municipality, 30 km north of Copenhagen.

Based on the winning proposal, the team will now develop a master plan for the area, which includes sports fields, landscape, football pitches, a football academy, a parking garage, and, last but not least, a new stadium partially constructed in wood.

In total, three project teams participated in the architecture competition, where a jury of 11 members selected the winning proposal. According to committee chairman, architect Susanne Skov Kunert, this stands out by creating a coherence linking the many facilities the new district will offer:

"The proposal highlights the uniqueness of the Favrholm Stadionkvarter – an urban district, where nature, culture, health, and sports meet. It lifts the vision with a convincing approach, where the site-specific landscape, playing fields, buildings, and public spaces are united into a strong whole. The proposal is based on strategies that create connections and community between people. The strong and robust main layout has great spatial qualities and provides a good starting point for the further development of buildings and public space."

Central district with a focus on well-being

Favrholm will be located a short distance from Hillerød and will house, among other things, the region's upcoming central hospital and a new S-train station. When the urban area is fully developed, it will have up to 4,000 homes and 10,000 jobs.

The development of the entire Favrholm Stadionkvarter continues, and a final disposition proposal for the entire area, including the architecture competition's winning proposal, is expected to be politically processed in the fall of 2023.