Construction of the Danish School of Media and Journalism begins

The building permit has been granted for construction of the Danish School of Media and Journalism, DMJX, in the Copenhagen district Ørestad. The school, designed by PLH Arkitekter, has room for 800 students and is characterized by a strong focus on sustainability and user well-being.

The Copenhagen Municipality has just granted permission to start construction on the upcoming 7,000 m² DMJX headquarters. In addition to classrooms, the building will include a 29-meter-high atrium, a café and canteen, making it possible to accommodate different types of major events such as lectures, film screenings and townhalls.

“The events that are taking place around the world today underline the crucial role that free and critical media play in our democracy. That is why helping to create the framework for future journalists and members of the media is a great honor and a task that we take very seriously. The new DMJX in Copenhagen will be a state-of-the-art media and educational facility that provides students with the best opportunities to hone their skills and explore all the possibilities offered by their profession,” says Søren Mølbak, CEO of PLH Arkitekter.

In designing DMJX, PLH Arkitekter has emphasized sustainable solutions that reduce CO2 emissions and reduce energy consumption. Consequently, the building is expected to achieve a DGNB Gold sustainability certification. Furthermore, the well-being of the building's 800 full-time students, 2,000 course participants and 70 employees has played a key role. During the design phase, special focus has been placed on air quality, acoustics, visual environment and thermal indoor climate.

“DMJX is an ambitious project that focuses both on the big picture environmental impact as well as the wants and needs of the people inside the building. These are two fundamental parameters for what PLH Arkitekter designs. By drawing on our expertise, in this project we are able to showcase our core philosophy, namely that consideration for the climate and the individual user not only go and in hand, but are in fact each other's prerequisites in good architecture,” says Anette Grønbæk, sustainability manager at PLH Arkitekter.

Sustainable solutions are a hallmark of PLH Arkitekter’s work. Therefore, the design studio is also behind some of the largest projects that are part of the Voluntary Sustainability Class, such as Nykredit and AP Pension's future headquarters. In the Voluntary Sustainability Class, limits are set on how much CO2 new buildings may emit, and the knowledge acquired must ultimately help shape future legislation that pushes architecture and construction in a greener direction.

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