At Svanemølleholm, completely new standards will be set for open, sustainable office buildings

PLH Arkitekter has designed a vibrant, dynamic project that will help AP Pension and Nykredit take the lead in the green transition – and create headquarters that open up and invite the outside world in.

In 2023, when the project at Svanemølleholm is scheduled for completion, employees, partners and visitors will be welcomed by a modern, flexible building that houses the headquarters of both AP Pension and Nykredit.

But the 57,000 square meter building complex will be much more than simply a workplace. The project also includes a large number of audience-oriented facilities, which will invite visitors from near and far to use the buildings – also outside working hours. Thus, the plan is to establish, among other things, a food kitchen, a café and a publicly accessible roof garden.

Focus on architecture and sustainability
The buildings will stand as a classic and timeless example of Nordic architecture, with clear references to the historical surroundings in the maritime, industrial environment that gives Copenhagen’s North Harbor its unique character. The interior will be bright and modern with the flexibility to support employees’ different needs, wishes and ways of working all through the day.

Furthermore, the project fulfills AP Pension and Nykredit’s desire to be at the vanguard when it comes to sustainability, with a special focus on social issues. The buildings are expected to be awarded the DGNB Gold certification on the basis of the green solutions and consistent flexibility throughout, as well as a DGNB Diamond certification, due to the architectural aesthetics and the buildings’ functionality.