Ørsted's canteen, Lyngby – workplace design

In close collaboration with Ørsted, PLH Arkitekter has designed a brand-new canteen that is tailored to the the green energy group's needs, visual identity and green ambitions.


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600 seats indoors, 170 seats outdoors

Instead of a traditional canteen, which is only used at mealtimes, Ørsted's buildings in Gentofte have been given a new heart that is constantly pulsating with life. The canteen is now arranged so that it can be used for meetings, social gatherings, conferences and international events.

Along with functionality and flexibility, PLH Arkitekter has also worked to highlight Ørsted's sustainable profile.

“Ørsted is a very exciting project where we have been allowed to give both the company and its employees a new framework that contributes to a more flexible and versatile workday. At the same time, the company is ambitious and at the forefront of the green transformation, which is reflected in the design and interior. We have brought nature indoors using several different methods, such as transforming the room's otherwise bare concrete columns into artistic trees with plants,” says Bine Soelberg, Creative Director – Interiors at PLH Arkitekter.

Bine Soelberg
Creative Director - Interiors. Associate, Spatial Designer
T: +45 2620 8183

Throughout the focus has been on enhancing the existing high quality natural materials, such as the natural stone flooring.

Focus has also been on improving the acoustics by using timber elements on the walls and ceiling.

Multifunctional square meters

A focal point for the renovation has been to get more out of the available square meters, promting PLH Arkitekter’s design team to work intensively on a smarter room layout. Using curved screens of wooden slats, the large room is now divided into smaller environments which can be uniquely adapted for different functions. Some areas allow users to withdraw so that they can concentrate or take timeouts. Other places are designed for larger or smaller gatherings, conferences and project meetings. Thus, the canteen becomes an active part of both the workplace and social events all through the day.

PLH Arkitekter's design plan also cleared up room for a café with the signature Ørsted eggplant color. This way employees and visitors can satisfy their hunger and quench their thirst anytime. In connection with the cafe, there is a large, inviting courtyard, where emphasis has been placed on stimulating the senses and increasing biodiversity. Thus, various herbs have been planted and 100 grasses sown based on the concept 'Wild' on Purpose, aiming to contribute to a richer, more diverse nature.

Functional, Scandinavian look

Ørsted wanted an informal design reflecting Nordic functionalism. Therefore, as part of the conceptual approach, PLH Arkitekter have worked with simple surfaces and clean lines. The mix of calm, basic nuances and some eye-catching, colorful surfaces and furniture creates a clear, open space that unpretentiously invites you to stay and experience its features. The consistent use of sustainably certified wood helps to underline Ørsted's green profile.

Loose furniture such as chairs, tables and pendant lamps have been selected by Holmris based on PLH Arkitekter's design concept. Danish design classics, including Arne Jacobsen's solid and simple Grand Prix chairs, create a unified look that is a nod to Ørsted's Danish roots.

In addition to the canteen, PLH Arkitekter has developed a workplace concept to support hybrid work and flexible teams, which has been implemented in several of Ørsted's buildings in Gentofte.

The inviting terrace is an extension of the canteen's cafe area. In the shade of the large parasols, employees and guests can enjoy refreshments and the fresh air.