Hotel Radisson Blu Scandinavia, expansion, Copenhagen

The extension of the Radisson Blue Scandinavia Hotel will add more than 400 new hotel apartments, shops, cafés, two underground parking floors and a 10,000 m² multi-user building including a park area open to the public.


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  • Urban
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Copenhagen, Denmark


2019 –


Project proposal


New extension incl. Restaurant and cafe approx. 25,000 – 26,500 m². New kindergarten approx- 1,500 m². New multi-user building approx. 10,000 m²


CIH Scandinavia Hotels Aps -Wenaasgruppen


Landscape: Marianne Levinsen Landskab
Engineer: Niras

One of the largest Danish hotels in welcoming and green surroundings

Today, The Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel has 544 rooms. However, the extension will make the hotel one of the largest in Denmark. The new rectangular eighth-floored extension will include an open green courtyard and will feature more than 400 new hotel apartments - all with private kitchens. On the ground floor, there will be an open lobby, café, multiple shops and an outside park area. All the facilities will be open to the public with accesses through the facade. Furthermore, an integrated kindergarten with a playground will be placed on the ground floor. The vision for the playground is to keep it open to the public after opening hours – giving local families’ access in their spare-time. The new main entrance will be placed in the passage between the existing building and the new extension– close to the forecourt, the taxi stand and ‘Kiss and Ride’ area.

Moreover, a 10,000 m² multi-users building is planned to be built on the site.

A welcoming hotel increases the connection to the city

The vision of the new extension is to create a welcoming hotel with a transparent ground floor – increasing the connection to the city. While removing the current fence that surrounds the hotel, and by relocating the parking area below ground level, the whole site becomes more accessible to the public. Establishing a new public park, shops and a kindergarten will enliven the public space.

Harmoniously fits into the surroundings

Architecturally, PLH Arkitekter has been focusing on creating harmonious buildings that fit perfectly into the surroundings. In addition, the size and height of the new building are adapted to the other building in the area. The structure of the extension creates a great inflow of daylight and an attractive green courtyard in the middle of the building. Also, the design of the new multi-user building mimics the other buildings on the street, Amager Boulevard.

New Public Park enlivens the public space

By constructing a new public park area and planting more than 100 trees will encourage visitors to stroll through the park instead of using the current pavement next to the busy streets. New green spaces and recreational areas in the park will give the local, guests, and the kindergarten the opportunity to enjoy the peaceful and relaxing surroundings. At the same time, the new green park area will block out the busy traffic noise – to the benefit of hotel guests and the local residents.

Søren Mølbak
T: +45 2720 0591

Det nye multibruger kontorhus lægger sig i udtryk og stil op ad de øvrige kontorbyggerier på Amager Blvd.

Den grønne parkzone omkring hotellet skaber rekreative områder og skærmer for trafikken.