PLH Arkitekter names Head of Baltics

Lina Bareikytė-Dumčiuvienė is PLH Arkitekter’s new Head of Baltics. She wants to strengthen the studio’s already strong Baltic presence and bring a Nordic take on architecture, workplace design and multipurpose space to even more clients in the region.

“I look forward to strengthening our Baltic presence and broaden the many great relationships we have with clients and collaborators. PLH Arkitekter has a long, prolific history in the region, being one of the first foreign studios to enter the market with high-profile builds such as Green Hall in Vilnius. Today, our list of completed projects is extensive, several are currently under construction – and I cannot wait to develop new ideas with our Baltic partners and help them bring their visions to life,” says Lina Bareikytė-Dumčiuvienė.

Well-established in both Latvia and Lithuania, PLH Arkitekter also has a lot to offer Estonian clients, says Lina Bareikytė-Dumčiuvienė and points to the possibility of setting up a satellite office in the region. A key aspect of growth here would be to raise awareness of the studio’s unique approach to architecture:

“In Denmark as well as internationally, PLH is known for our way of designing human-centered buildings from the inside-out, with the individual’s health, well-being and happiness at the core. In many ways, this is a very Scandinavian perception of architecture that I find to be highly sought after in the Baltic market.”

Indeed, born in Lithuania and now living in Denmark, Lina sees great potential in exploring the close affinity between Baltic and Scandinavian mentality, aesthetics and way of life.

“Many developers get excited when they see what amazing things, we can accomplish by combining Baltic and Scandinavian ways of thinking. I want to help even more clients bring a Nordic touch to their Baltic projects, showing them how we can create open, light and welcoming buildings that give back to the community, by having for instance see-through ground floor facades, multifunctional spaces that can be used after office hours, features that boost quality of life not just for the people within but also outside such as lively outdoor spaces, beautiful exteriors etc. PLH Arkitekter has a unique perspective here, and I am thrilled to get the chance to share it with our collaborators.”

Overview of PLH Arkitekter’s Baltic projects:

Biography: Lina Bareikytė-Dumčiuvienė

Born and raised in Lithuania, Lina Bareikytė-Dumčiuvienė got her bachelor’s degree from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and a Master’s in Architecture, Design and Conservation from the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen. She worked for a number of acclaimed architectural firms before joining PLH Arkitekter in 2015.