PLH Arkitekter designs Kulturporten with 90 new apartments in Farum

In the heart of Farum's cultural center, a new building with a dynamic expression is set to become a landmark in the area. Kulturporten comprises 90 new homes, which, situated within the Kulturøen area, will have one of the city's finest addresses. It is set to be finished in 2025.

Kulturporten - A dynamic building in Farum

PLH Arkitekter is designing Kulturporten, a dynamic building with 90 homes, resident facilities, and an underground parking garage, in the center of Farum. It will serve as a city gateway and a significant part of the Kulturøen area, just a 5-minute walk from Farum Station. The project team consists of Dades, Nrep, Sophienberg, Raundahl & Moesby, Ingholt Consult, JL Engineering, and Thing & Brandt.

With 90 apartments in close proximity to the train station, cultural attractions and grocery stores, Kulturporten is an attractive place to live. The apartments have private balconies and are mostly dual-aspect. A cozy, green courtyard and a residents' room set the stage for new communities and activities, such as communal dining. To create a pleasant indoor/outdoor space for residents, balconies facing Frederiksborgvej and Stavnsholtvej are enclosed with opening glass panels. This way, the balconies can be enjoyed year-round.

Modern architecture with respect for history

Architectural choices such as facades with gable motifs, varying roof shapes, and light yellow stones all refer to the modernist buildings in the area, with their red gable roofs, yellow bricks, and prominent gables facing the city. It also scales well with the nearly 100-year-old school it will neighbor. Thus, Kulturporten exudes modern dynamism and liveliness while fitting into and conversing with the surrounding architectural mass.

The most eye-catching element is the gateway, alluded to by the name Kulturporten – the Culture Gate. Positioned in the southwestern corner, facing Frederikssundsvej and Stavnholtsvej, the gate acts as a visible, inviting corner that opens into the green courtyard and the Culture Square (Kulturtorvet) behind it. The gate's green glazed tiles, illuminated in the evening, capture the eyes and create a small universe that visitors are led into by broad stairs and further into cultural offerings. The tall columns give a sense of room delineation without appearing closed off. Thus, with simple and stylish touches, a welcoming urban space is created within the building.

A part of Kulturøen

As part of the Kulturøen, or Culture Island, area, the building is located in the heart of Farum's cultural hub. Residents will have access to amenities such as a cultural center, library, museum, music school, shopping center, and cinema right in their backyard. Kulturporten will not just be a part of Kulturøen, however, but will contribute to its enhancement. The development will open up the area and create connections between buildings, paths, and courtyards, turning the entire area into one cohesive and inviting Cultural Island in the city. As an edge development, Kulturporten will enclose the green courtyard behind Kulturøen. To the east, the development concludes, framing the Kulturtorvet square and forming a gateway to the area.

A symbol of Farum's evolution

Kulturporten is a prominent element in the overall plan for Farum's development, which includes the desire for a more classic urban structure through mixed-use density. It is centrally located in the city and in the axis that will connect Farum Village in the west to Farum City Square in the east. With its striking profile, Kulturporten is set to become a strong visual symbol of the exciting development in the city – a kind of city gateway in central Farum.


Sedum vegetation has been used on the roofs, which delays rainwater and reflects the green profile intended for the building.

Kulturporten is DGNB Gold certified for social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Thus, the project is another addition to the long list of DGNB-certified projects designed by PLH Arkitekter.