Harboe's 2023 anniversary beer honors visitor center designed by PLH Arkitekter

Harboe, one of Europe's largest producers of beer and soda, is marking its 140 th anniversary this year with a special vintage brew featuring the brewery's visitor center, designed by PLH Arkitekter.

This year, the Harboe Visitor Center is featured on the brewery's vintage brew, which typically features a work of art as its motif. However, the building was handpicked to mark Harboe's 140th anniversary.

The visitor center, designed by PLH Arkitekter, was completed in 2018 and won the Slagelse Municipality Building Prize that same year.

Its design reflects the beautiful location by the Skælskør Fiord, with its striking pointed roofs having maritime references reminiscent of ship sails and water waves. Inside, the building's large glass panels and the use of wood create an instinctive connection with the surrounding harbor environment.

The visitor center includes a reception area, offices, an auditorium, a meeting center as well as an exhibition focusing on the brewery's products and history.

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