BLOXHUB, together with PLH Arkitekter, showed its role in the global arena, when it united 4 continents to develop concepts for the future of working from home, at the office and all the spaces in between

In recent times, working from home has been inevitable – not just in Denmark, but all around the world. The transition from work at the office, physical meetings and long transportation time to and from work has created a possibility to re-consider the future of work and home offices.

This Tuesday, PLH Arkitekter teamed up with BLOXHUB Urban Partnerships to explore design concepts for the future of dispersed workplaces in Denmark. The workshop united experts from multiple fields: creatives, futurists, specialists, inventors and corporates, as well as international architects and designers from Studio O+A, BatesSmart, M Moser Associates and GoSpace, who all shared their Covid19-stories, virtually. BLOXHUB showed how new ways of collaborating can benefit the sustainable design of our environments, with inspiration and innovation from Denmark.

The challenges of more work from home were explored in the context of the Danish workplace, and how to be inclusive and maintain “workplace happiness” (Danish arbejdsglæde) and company culture. The scene was set for the day’s innovation exercises by Hanne Blume, CHRO HR Director, TDC NET, who shared TDC NET’s pioneering digital collaboration project.

The workshop’s lively innovation process resulted in five visionary concepts that BLOXHUB will publish as a 'white paper' to kick-start new ideas, partnerships and collaborations.

“Companies will have to strengthen their ethos not through location but through brand promises and humanistic values and this will have to be exercised in design and a change in the way that spaces are organized. It will probably lead to a stratification of the styles of space that a company has access to and the locations that a company operated within.” – Workshop participant: Enlai Hooi, Head of Innovation, Schmidt Hammer Lassen.

“The corporate world’s closed office has exploded into many pieces and landed all around our local communities and precincts. Working has relocated to many different places, that were not designed for it, between home and the corporate office. This has shown us the need to design good halfway-stations that combine the qualities we like from our worklife with the ‘sense of belonging’ we feel in our private home.” – Workshop participant: Jens Kruse, Architect.