An HQ of the future brings DSV employees together

A conference center, a fitness area, an open courtyard, teaching facilities and room for more staff. DSV's expanded headquarters in Hedehusene, designed by PLH Architects, has opened its doors. When employees arrive, they will find themselves in a tailor-made, state-of-the-art environment that unites the company and brings working life into the future.

DSV is growing, and so are the ambitions for a good workplace. The transport company's original headquarters in Hedehusene, also designed by PLH Arkitekter, has been expanded with an additional 10,000 m² of state-of-the-art facilities, accommodating 420 employees in bright and welcoming surroundings that elegantly combine design and function.

The expansion, with its many functions and offers at all levels, brings to life the vision of a unique campus that supports well-being, knowledge sharing and change. The additional square meters include conference rooms and a teaching center with an auditorium, among other facilities. A new fitness room, a verdant courtyard in the middle of the building, a lounge area and an expanded cafeteria with several different dining areas provide opportunities for informal chats as well as social events and leisure activities across the organization.

“With the expansion, we have drawn on our core competencies and brought the head office into a league of its own. The solutions are tailored to DSV, so that they support both the need for flexibility and the desire to create the best possible conditions for employees", says Søren Mølbak, CEO and partner in PLH Arkitekter.

With the expansion, PLH Arkitekter has continued their tradition of high architectural quality with attention to the individual details that create unique surroundings.

“The large, open glass sections bring the beautiful nature all the way inside, and with the courtyard in the heart of the building, we have created an informal environment for both work and leisure. At the same time, this HQ is DSV's global town hall, where employees and partners from near and far meet. That’s why it has been important for us to continue the original building’s welcoming Nordic design with round and transparent shapes that reflect the culture of DSV”, Søren Mølbak explains.

A home for DSV

With the expansion, PLH has wanted to preserve the place as a single, unifying point for DSV. Thus, the new green courtyard connects the extension and the original head office. All throughout, the simple lines, discreet natural stone and warm wood create a sense of cohesion across all floors and functions.

“With the headquaters in Hedehusene, we have created a home for DSV. As a growing family, we simply needed more space. Here, it was important to us that the extra square meters also brought extra opportunities – to strengthen both our business and the quality of working life for our employees. With a conference center, fitness room and areas that support both collaboration and concentration, we have got exactly that – a single, unified space with many additional functions for the entire company. Now, I look forward to both employees and guests putting their new surroundings to use,” says Brian Winther Almind, Executive Vice President, Group Property, DSV.

Sustainable and future-proof solutions

Throughout the building, sustainable solutions were developed with attention to protecting the environment and saving energy. Not only was a certain type of concrete with sustainable credentials chosen for the project, the slender construction also minimizes the amount of concrete used. On the roof of the building, solar cells provide green electricity.

When it comes to the indoor climate, the building is also a breath of fresh air. Unlike many other buildings that rely solely on mechanical ventilation, DSV's HQ has an intelligent façade that opens and closes the windows depending on wind direction. This provides natural ventilation for employees and visitors during the day. At night, when the building is empty, the windows open, thus lowering the temperature naturally, without the use of mechanical ventilation.

When DSV's original headquaters was completed in 2014, it could house 760 employees spread across 16,000 m². With the expansion, 1,180 employees can now go about their daily work in 26,000 m² of bright and inviting surroundings – a permanent point of reference for a company always on the move.

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