Amager Centret Nominated for Renovation Award

The new Amager Centret has been nominated this year’s Renoverprisen (Renovation Award). PLH Arkitekter was responsible for the renovation of the historic shopping mall, which officially reopened in September 2020.

As early as 2020, Amager Centret opened its doors to a revitalized shopping mall where open and green architecture creates new settings for shopping and café life in Amager. Now, the renovation of the shopping mall, created in collaboration with COWI, DEAS, Spacelab, and Hoffmann, has been chosen among 182 projects as a finalist for this year's Renoverprisen along with four other candidates.

Renoverprisen’s Nominating Committee states:

"Sustainability is not just about energy accounts and carbon footprints; it's also about social sustainability and how we create healthy and safe urban areas. Amager Centret has actively worked to create a shopping mall that reflects the people living in the local area and those who visit regularly."

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Denmark's largest plant wall

The new Amager Centret is designed with a focus on creating an open and modern shopping mall while respecting the mall's history and previous function as an industrial building. The mall invites the local community to gather in more open, green, and cozy spaces than before. Today, Amager Centret features Denmark's largest plant wall, a green courtyard, increased natural light, as well as intimate and cozy areas for café life and local meeting spots for the district's residents.

Thus, Amager Centret's identity has been transformed from a closed, introverted shopping mall to an open and welcoming destination that complements and enhances its own character and attractiveness in harmony with the local area. This goal has been achieved by highlighting and reinforcing the original architecture. The effect architecture applied to the building in 2008 has been stripped away, the center's facades have been painted white, and the full potential of the courtyard space has been utilized.

Facts about Renoverprisen

The award goes to a team - client, architects, advisors, and contractors - behind a renovation project in Denmark. The award committee emphasizes criteria such as sustainability, usability, contribution to the surroundings, execution quality, value enhancement, and successful collaboration throughout the process. The winner is found by counting votes from an electoral college consisting of 90 individuals from the construction industry. The Renovation Award 2023 will be presented on September 7.

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