Waterworks, Søndersø

The waterworks at Søndersø will be a transparent, modern building


  • Supplies and ressources
  • Corporate


Søndersø, Denmark


2018 – 2025


In progress


8,400 m²




Turnkey consultant/engineer: COWI
Process advisor: NIRAS and Krüger


Circular construction - recycling of bricks

To create a more open facility and provide the building with daylight, the plant, which is in a scenic area close to Søndersø in Værløse and Store Hareskoven, will have large windows facing the busy footpath that encircles the building. The room where the water production takes place is illuminated with accent lighting, which makes the production visible and contributes to a living expression.

The plant at Søndersø is divided into two main buildings, which are connected by an link building, so that the waterworks is perceived as a single structure.

Building A has been demolished and replaced by a new, sustainably designed building. To maintain a uniform design expression throughout the waterworks, the bricks from the decommissioned plant have been recycled in building A.

The north façade of building B is worthy of preservation, which is why it is retained and the south façade is extended. Building B is built with an elevated center section in yellow-brown bricks. This architectural feature is transferred to the new building A, thus creating architectural cohesion between both structures. The design is flexible, so that the buildings can be easily rebuilt and adapted to suit any future changes to the facility.

The plant is designed with softening systems and associated process rooms.

Sally R. Jessen
T: +45 2720 6997