Sortedam School, Copenhagen

Complete renovation of a Copenhagen school with a focus on improving the indoor climate and preserving aesthetic qualities




Copenhagen, Denmark


2013 – 2015




8,550 m²


Byggeri København


PLH Arkitekter

PLH Arkitekter won the competition for the complete renovation of the school Sortedamskole in a partnership agreement with general contractor Jakon and the engineering firm MOE. The renovation of Sortedamskole included a total of five buildings at two different addresses; two of the buildings are located in Ryesgade 101 and three in Ryesgade 120. Several of the buildings are worthy of preservation. This has placed special demands in refurbishing parts of the building’s exterior, where the choice of facade and window design has been given high priority.

Improved indoor climate

The purpose of the renovation is to improve the indoor climate throughout the school, as a good indoor climate is of great importance for children’s well-being and learning abilities. The indoor climate can be measured by factors such as air, sound and temperature conditions. A noise level where students cannot hear what the teacher or their classmates are saying is harmful to concentration and ultimately hampers learning. Classrooms that are too hot or too cold and with inappropriate light sources also affect students' health.

The complete renovation included activities within exterior and interior restoration, modernization, climate protection, climate adaptation, energy renovation, indoor climate measures, accessibility and damp remediation of the basement.

In addition, the attic of one building was converted into a preparation room for the teachers, and accessibility to the school's ground floors was improved.

An architectural wide range

The buildings at Sortedamskole are a living testament the place's legacy. In terms of cultural history, the site's buildings range from the ‘Skønvirke’ style and Historicism to Neoclassicism and Functionalism, and the esthetic and tactile qualities were respected accordingly during the renovation.

Henrik Lind
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“The school and after-school center have recently been renovated, which has given us a good indoor climate and good facilities for students and staff,” Sortedamskole writes in a quality report from 2017

During the complete renovation, new windows were installed, heating systems and radiators were replaced, ventilation systems and solar shading were established and the acoustic conditions improved.