Sorgenfri Village Centre

New urban space consisting of multi-user buildnings and small squares is integrated in both the city life and nature




Sorgenfri, Copenhagen




Competition proposal


35.000 m²


Freja Ejendomme


SLA Landskab

The idea behind the development of Sorgenfri Village Centre is to create a "market hall" which is a part of the city life and flow. The hall relates to the surrounding buildings' scale and thus is composed of smaller elements/boxes forming "crisp" edges and varied spatial experiences. Small squares arise between the buildings, creating relationships between urban life inside and outside.

The shops open towards the squares and have a green edge to the surroundings. Sorgenfri Village centre spans across Hummeltoftevej to form a single urban space, landscaped with trees. A parking basement can be either continuous or as two zones on either side of Hummeltoftevej. The Former site of the police station becomes two multi-user buildings. The buildings are solitary forms, giving prominence to the landscape as the element that ties the area together through soft shapes and green planes. A connection is made between the building structures through the proportioning, "floating" elements and extrover ground floor.

Steen Enrico Andersen
+ 45 4036 6412