Offices and housing, Vilnius

Inspired by Scandinavian style and “Nordic Work Life”, PLH Arkitekter has designed a modern and multi-functional office building and apartment complex in the centre of Vilnius. Here, working and living are combined.


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Vilnius, Lithuania




Competition proposal


9,100 m²


UAB ”Kenova Mixed Fund I”


PLH Arkitekter in collaboration with Archinova, Lithuania

In 2018, PLH won first prize in an invited competition to design a multi-functional office building and apartment complex in the centre of Vilnius, Lithuania. The client UAB ”Kenova Mixed Fund I” wished a living and working area with a green courtyard – inspired by the many historic courtyards in Vilnius. The site is located next to the preserved and protected area ‘J.Basanaviciaus Street’ in Vilnius, which has been on UNESCO’s world heritage list since 1994. The focal point of the design has been to incorporate elements from the traditional street view into the architecture of the buildings.

Success in Lithuania

The success of PLH in Lithuania has been built up over some years and Algirdo 3 is another project that PLH does in the Lithuanian capital. Among the other PLH-constructions in Vilnius are K29, the signature construction Green Hall, the department store Gedimino 9 and a mixed construction with a hotel, offices, shops and luxury apartments on Ciurlionio Street. PLH also does renovations and refurbishments in Lithuania and continue to get new projects in the Baltics.

Steen Enrico Andersen
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A multi-functional office building with welcoming meeting rooms

PLH Arkitekter has created the 4,500 m2 office building in a transparent, welcoming and flexible design. Here, the users have great opportunity to work in different zones - designed to appeal and support different working styles.

Transparent meeting boxes are placed in the façade facing the green courtyard and creating interesting rooms where the users can have both formal and informal meetings. The meeting boxes also contribute to a varied façade and create an openness towards the courtyard. The combination of a nice view and a great inflow of daylight create an optimal working environment for the employees.

On the rooftop terrace, the users can have informal meetings and social events with a view over Vilnius and the green courtyard.

Courtyard combines living and working

The green courtyard combines and visualizes the connection between the apartment blocks and office building. Inspired by Scandinavian style, the façade of the apartments is designed with light tiles, balconies and large rooftops terraces.

Passers-by on Algirdo Street can see through the glass wall of the ground floor of the office building – and explore the welcoming courtyard behind the building.