Nordea, workplace design, Taastrup

Workplace design to support free-seating


Workplace design


Taastrup, Denmark


2013 – 2015




33,000 m²


Nordea Ejendomme



PLH has undertaken a major refurbishment of the ‘Hermes Hus’-complex in Taastrup, dating from 1989 , for Nordea Properties and Nordea Bank. 1,800 workspaces have been established, with a connecting causeway and new bridge weaving the four buildings into one holistic site, with new reception, conference center and canteen.

The design concept for the project has focused on improving both the function and logistics of Hermes Hus. “Convenient connections between free choices” is at the essence of the design, with a rich offering of settings within the free-seating concept of the Nordea Bank organisation. The striking, new green passageway acts as both a traffic highway and orientation device. It is now easier to find your way around, and access good quality facilities that support the achievement of Nordea’s core values: ‘Great customer experiences’, ‘It’s all about people’ and ‘One Nordea Team’.

Paulette Christophersen
+ 45 2464 7133

The wayfinding system is inspired by the idea of a typical Metro Map, with color-coded lines and stopping stations. At Hermes Hus the main green line links the various buildings, orientated around the central building – “Centrum”, and extending to the north, south, east and west buildings. The uniform new workspace concept further strengthens the sense of “one Nordea team”, and allows easy mobility and rotation of teams and departments.

The green flooring in the central passage, and its support “stops”, is inspired by Nordea’s identity with a focus on the Nordic landscape. The green color gives life, and represents growth, nature, money, prosperity and safety.