Mixed-Use Complex in Vilnius

Former brewery made into an apartment hotel, housing, offices and public facilities




Vilnius, Lithaunia


2008 - 2011




66,000 m²


Verdispar Baltics


UAB Archinova

This project for a mix-use development is located in central Vilnius and comprises an apartment hotel, housing, offices and public facilities.

The former brewery site, located on Pamenkalnis hill, is dramatically sloped with a fall of 25 meters. The building follow the gradient of the site, have moss covered roofs and a landscaped community space to reinforce the visual connection between the city’s green belts, the hills and forest, that are experienced from many vantage points in the city. The open V-shape gives all apartments optimal views, whilst creating an extensive recreational courtyard, made up of cascading terraces that take up the fall of the terrain. The apartments range in size, and are flexibly planned to accommodate future residential needs. The facade materials alternate between lighter and darker nuances to break down the development onto smaller elements, whose scale relates to the existing brewery located on one corner of the site. The original features of the brewery buildings are restored, and the listed basement will be transformed to a wellness centre with massage and spa facilities.

The development is a “green project”, not only in terms of its environmental concept, but also in the proposed solutions including, for example, extensive use of geothermal energy.

Steen Enrico Andersen
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