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PLH Arkitekter has transformed Maersk Drilling’s workspace at their Lyngby offices. The project is tailored to support the company’s goal of becoming more agile, creative and adaptable. Gone are fixed seating and empty desks. Instead, space has been created for activity-based work zones and dedicated project areas.


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Maersk Drilling

The design offers employees a workspace that fosters dialogue across departments, national borders and time zones in completely new ways. This facilitates the global group’s workflows while breaking down mental barriers and challenging rigid structures.

The new layout seeks to provide optimal conditions for virtual work methods and digital interaction between colleagues. At the same time, it has been designed so that the interior can easily be adapted if the company’s requirements change. The result is an office environment that is future-proof, dynamic and helps to retain skilled employees – as well as attract new talent.

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Employees can decide where they want to work

One of the most central elements of the new office design is the introduction of flexible seating. This means employees are no longer tied to one permanent desk but can instead move around throughout the day, depending on whether they need to work in front of a screen, engage in immersive work or collaborate with colleagues.

The work zones allow employees to work with more focus and efficiency. At the same time, the office design seeks to increase job satisfaction by giving the individual a higher level of autonomy over their working day, as well as increased contact with colleagues from other departments.

Space for project work

The switch to flexible seating means that the office’s square metres can be used more intelligently, so that empty desks and deserted areas are more easily avoided, freeing up space for dedicated project areas to be created around the building. Here, employees can have a base while working on cross-departmental projects.

In addition to the project areas, the workplace has been equipped with state-of-the-art telephone boxes as well as audiovisual equipment, which can be moved around to accommodate virtual group meetings. In addition, lockers have been installed where employees can put their personal belongings when they arrive at the office – and leave their work paraphernalia when they go home.

Remarkably, the entire redesign has been completed without major procurement costs. Furniture has been recycled from previous uses and supplemented with new fixtures, lighting and equipment, which are strategically placed to give each work zone a unique function and identity. Significant changes have thus been achieved through PLH’s innovative design as well as spatial and visual solutions that have transformed the office’s interior to reflect Maersk Drilling’s ways of working – both now and in the future.

The ambition was to provide the conditions for improved collaboration among employees and to create an environment that makes coming to the office a pleasure.

Gone are fixed seating and physical barriers. Instead, space has been created for project work – offering individuals freedom and flexibility.

Space to collaborate

Space to concentrate