Maersk Drilling, boardroom, workplace design, Lyngby

Professional boardroom associated with catering area to reflect Maersk Drilling as a modern company which is listed on stock exchange.


Workplace design


Lyngby, Denmark






150 m²


Maersk Drilling


NIRAS and Fisch-Thomsen Consulting

PLH Arkitekter has designed a new boardroom for Maersk Drilling which is located in Lyngby. Through transforming the existing office spaces, PLH has created a modern boardroom with a separate welcoming entrance space and a catering area. The design focuses on light and healthy indoor climate which can contribute to a comfortable atmosphere to cultivate pleasant but professional international meetings.

In 2013 – 2015 PLH furnished the head quarters of Maersk Drilling and Maersk Supply Service in Lyngby - and in 2018 PLH was asked to design a modern board room for up to 20 persons for Maersk Drilling.

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Bine Soelberg
T: +45 2620 8183

A comfortable board room

The perfect light has been one of the key elements in the design process of the room, which has resulted in multiple light settings to create any desired atmosphere. Examples are a spotlight on the TV screen or lamps hanging over the table from the ceiling to use at lunch or dinner times.

“We have designed the new board room with Maersk’s wish of a pleasant meeting room in mind – The room is not just for short meetings, but also for long meetings. Ensuring the perfect light has been a key point when furnishing the room. The light can play on different parameters to fit any situation, which will benefit in a more professional atmosphere.” – Bine Soelberg, Creative Director, Interiors, PLH Arkitekter

Informal atmosphere in a corporate context

The professional board room is connected to a catering area. Maersk Drilling disired an area where corporate and casual could meet. PLH has fulfilled Maersk's requirement by using warm and natural materials such as walnut and oak in the kitchen area.

“When the doors to the catering areas are closed, the board room illustrates professionalism and a corporate atmosphere. However when the doors open, a warm and homelike feeling immidiately fill up the room.” – Bine Soelberg, Creative Director, Interiors, PLH Arkitekter