Ice skating rink, Copenhagen

Energy-optimised ice skating hall with users' behavior at the center




Copenhagen, Denmark


2007 – 2010 / 2012 – 2013


Competition proposal


4,000 m²


The Municipality of Copenhagen


MT Højgaard A/S, Esbensen Rådgivende Ingeniør A/S

In 2007 PLH delivered the most convincing concept for a new sustainable ice skating rink in Ryparken Sports Centre. The new ice skating rink was to replace the former Østerbro Ice Skating Rink.

In keeping with Copenhagen’s environmental initiatives, the City of Copenhagen earmarked the project as a prototype for green buildings in the capital. Consequently, the City stipulated that the new ice rink must meet their requirement for a 25 % reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional skating rinks. Energy optimization then became the catalyst for the design concept: a building with a simple and distinctive profile in the form of a sloping facade to provide the optimal angle for integrated solar installations. The premise behind this design solution was to integrate energy, construction and architecture in a single, sharp concept.

Søren Mølbak
+ 45 2720 0591

The ice skating rink is designed to act as a cooling box, coated with reflective materials to prevent the sun from heating up the rink and keeping the interior cool. The interior of the rink is white to create an atmosphere reminiscent of ice and snow landscapes, but also to minimize artificial lighting and reduce electricity consumption. Foyer, changing rooms, club rooms and café are all located in a different climate zone.

As a result, the rink’s energy consumption is reduced by optimising form and surfaces, by converting waste energy to sub-floor heating and by employing materials that partially absorb moisture from the air. Moreover, heat loss through the facades is reduced by augmenting insulation, as well as utilizing low-energy windows.