Housing, Urbanplanen, Copenhagen

Kickstarts a revitalization of Urbanplanen




Copenhagen, Denmark


2015 – 2016


Competition proposal


10,000 m²


Boligforeningen 3B


Primus Arkitekter, MASU Planning, Urbanist Niels Bjørn Lemming & Eriksson

PLH was awarded 1st prize in competition for the design of a new housing development for Housing Association 3B in Amager. The commission represents the kick-start of a major revitalization of an extensive urban development scheme dating back to the 1960’s known as ‘Urbanplanen.’ The building contains 160 units of government subsidized housing - of which 100 units are earmarked for youth housing - and with an additional 1,500 m² earmarked for municipal service functions – for a total of approx. 10,000 m². The project is not yet underway.

In collaboration with Primus Architects, MASU planning, urban planners Niels Bjorn and Lemming & Eriksson, we chose to focus on the urban perspective in the project in order to draw some fundamental housing and urban qualities forward.

Blocks of flats and terraced housing are combined in a classic block scheme with a mix of public, semi-public and private zones. The building projects a variety and diversity to generate a more multifaceted urban life, where people from diverse backgrounds can meet and interact across demographic and cultural divides.

Lars Toksvig
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The competition jury concluded that, “The profile of the partial tower accommodating the youth housing units provides the area with a new and unique identity, while functions at ground floor level add vitality to the square. This represents a qualitative processing of urban and natural elements, which lifts the area out of its anonymity and adds form and spatiality conducive to urban life. The new urban space is generous in its proportions and delicately incorporates the elegant green areas.”