Hotel Nørreport

Transforming a historic building from 1917 into a hotel.


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Under construction


5000 m²


ATP Real Estate


Tenant: Scandic
Engineer: MOE
Entrepreneur: MBG Entreprise

In central Copenhagen, PLH Arkitekter renovates and modernizes a 5000 m2 historic building. In respect of the history of the building and surrounding architecture, the building is transformed from offices into a hotel for Scandic - the largest hotel operator in The Nordics. The focal point of the transformation has been to design an open and welcoming building that invites both the tourists and the locals inside.

The hotel will have 100 rooms over five floors as well as a rooftop terrace, a sky bar and a restaurant on top of the building.

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The building reveals its history

Since the building was established in 1917, the building has had various functions – such as housing, banking, manufacturing of clothes, and offices. During the renovation work, the history of the building appears in both the geometry and structure of the building - e.g. it became obvious that the lift had been located in more than five different places.

Lars Toksvig
T: +45 2720 0595

“We are constantly reminded of the long history of the building. When we begin something new - e.g. opening up the floor structure, new pieces of history appear. The previous functions of the building have left marks on the building, making our work a bit more complex – but also incredibly exciting”.
- Architect Peter Rebild, PLH Arkitekter

“‘Hotel Nørreport’ is going to be a small gem. We will create inspiring spaces where tourist and locals can meet, work, or enjoy dinner and a drink while enjoying the view over Copenhagen from one of The City’s absolute best locations”,
tells Søren Faerber, the Managing Director of Scandic Hotels Denmark in a press release

Five unique floors

Since the building was established, it has been renovated almost every fifth year. The building has also had many different architectural expressions and facades.

Unlike newer buildings, where the use of materials and positions of columns are identical on each floor, in this building the columns have been placed in different locations. Also, the structure of the decks on each floor consist of a unique combination of timber and concrete adding to the complexity of the renovation.

Because of the varying structures of the decks and positions of the columns, PLH Arkitekter has assembled drawings from all five floors and created one final architectural layout. There have been no standard solutions - and all work with ‘Hotel Nørreport’ requires precision

3D-scanned the entire building

To design workable solutions, PLH, MOE and ATP have 3D-scanned the building in order to visualize the differences in between the floors. The renovation and modernization bring the building up to today’s standards and create a new, welcoming building.