Eng School, Copenhagen

Complete renovation of a Copenhagen school worthy of preservation creates more space and offers more possibilities for use




Copenhagen, Denmark






3,700 m² renovation


Byggeri København


Cubic Group

More space at school
In connection with the framework agreement with the Municipality of Copenhagen, PLH Arkitekter won a mini-tender to completely renovate the schools Engskolen and Nørrebro Park Skole. Engskolen is a school for children with special needs and after the renovation, another special needs class has moved to the school.

Renovated with respect for building style and preservation value
The school's existing buildings include a total of three buildings - an older main building, an older gymnasium and a newer extension. Engskolen is a school worthy of preservation, built in the ‘Skønvirke’ style and renovations have been carried out with respect for the old building style and its preservation value.

The school's indoor climate has improved significantly
Engskolen has undergone a thorough renovation, which has included exterior and interior restoration, modernization, energy renovation, climate adaptation, climate screen, as well as renovation of all surfaces and floors. At Engskolen, extensive work has also been done on the school's indoor climate. Acoustic regulation, new ventilation in the classrooms and the replacement of windows for acoustic panes with a higher G-value are among the measures that have helped to significantly improve the indoor climate.

More daylight and more uses
The effort to draw daylight into the corridors has helped to give areas more uses and paved the way for including them in lessons. As part of the modernization work, the existing library and the associated corridors have been converted into a media library. The media library is considered to be the heart of the school. It is a multifunctional space that offers varied accommodation and immersion options, thus creating space for both individual concentration and group work.

Søren Mølbak
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New shed motivates play and allows for improved arrival
In the modernization work, technical and practical aspects are considered together with social aspects and the school's cohesion. An example of this is the revitalization of a number of dilapidated storage sheds in the schoolyard, located opposite the main entrance. From a worn down, unsafe area, they have been transformed into a simple shed that stimulate play activities, while also creating a new improved arrival area at the main entrance.