PLH Arkitekter has designed new HQ for Nykredit in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn. The masterplan for the site 'Holm 8' also has a plan for the new HQ of AP Pension as well as a multiuser building – both designed by PLH. A total of 50.000 m2

Nykredit will get new HQ designed by PLH Arkitekter at the site ’Holm 8’ by the street Sundkrogsgade in Svanemølle Harbour. PLH has made a masterplan for the area where a new HQ for AP Pension as well as a multiuser building also will be placed – both designed by PLH. As an investor team, AP Pension and PLH Arkitekter have been appointed to proceed with the design proposal for the new HQ for Nykredit as well as the idea for the site ’Holm 8’. ”It will be a ground-breaking building opening up towards the city and inviting the locals to create new communities,” says Lars Toksvig, architect and partner at PLH Arkitekter. Nykredit’s HQ will be 25.000 m2 having the capacity for 1650 workstations while the multiuser building is planned to be 10.000 m2 and AP Pension’s HQ is planned to be 15.000 m2. The site will also have 13.000 m2 of parking space underground.

Innovative and dynamic HQ

Nykredit’s new HQ have been design with a focus on creating a coherent and dynamic building that opens up towards the city and the local area. At the same time the HQ are designed with a great signal value. The building, to be placed on the southern part of the site, is shaped as a six-floor double comb structure divided in 5 office wings. It is a classical, timeless example of northern architecture where brick tiles are the main façade material.

The comb structure of the building is the framework around Nykredit’s different building zones and office wings. The essence is a very clear structure with a manageable visual connection and a logical zonation in the interior.

Atrium connects and creates circulation

In the centre of the building, the floors are connected by an atrium creating a clear structure, circulation and a manageable visual connection across the floors. Here, employees and visitors can move around without disturbing the workstations because most of them are placed in quiet zones close to the facades. This placement also gives employees the best possible lighting conditions and the best view of the surroundings. In the layout of a typical office floor the primary working zone is placed in the wing – designed as an open, activity based workplace design with standard workstations, project areas, focussed workstations and touchdowns supplemented with informal meeting areas and private meeting boxes.

”We are very excites about this amazing opportunity to tailoring a new and future proof HQ for Nykredit. A HQ that lives up to the wishes of a flexible and activity based workplace concept. At the same time it will be a ground-breaking building, with many outwardly directed functions opening the building up towards the city and inviting the locals to create new communities. With this masterplan, we have created the possibility of a new and exciting neighbour ship in between Nykredit and AP Pension resulting in socially sustainable synergies. Our proposal for ‘Holm 8’ represents a new way of thinking workstations, where the affiliation to the local community is based on a strong social responsibility that we at PLH Arkitekter believe will be an important parameter in future office buildings. Now, we are looking forward to engaging in a dialogue with the municipality of Copenhagen and By & Havn in order to create an optimal local development plan for the area,” says Lars Toksvig.

An open office building supporting local communities

The building contains a series of outwardly directed functions opening the building up towards the outside world and inviting the city inside. A publically accessible café is places facing south on a large wooden terrace. The café can be screened of from the rest of the building and stay open during weekends – the employees of Nykredit will have direct access to the café from the reception area. On the ground floor facing the water the large restaurant of the building will be placed. The restaurant is divided into several cohesive lounges, each with their own special furniture, décor and atmosphere. The lounges can be screened off or staged as needed through folding walls and lighting. The restaurant, including kitchen and buffet area, can be used at larger outdoor events. By locking the glass doors to the atrium, the restaurant can be open outside of normal office hours – e.g. in relation to public lectures, speeches, book receptions, concerts, charity dinners, citizens’ meetings etc.

The multiuser building is placed in between Nykredit’s HQ and AP Pension’s HQ – and contains a number of functions such as a fitness centre, restaurants, lecture halls, that can be divided by the two companies The Nykredit HQ and the multiuser building are connected through a transparent glass-covered walkway. The new Nykredit HQ will be certified according to DGNB Gold standards with an emphasis social sustainablility.

Gives back to the city

The varying depths of the building contributes to creating an exciting waterfront promenade and boardwalk with little green areas facing the water. The new boardwalk can become a great asset for employees as well as neighbours and the rest of the locals in the area. Here, you could imagine different activities from harbour bath to boat restaurants and other publically accessible harbour activities giving back to the city. In the little green areas surrounding the building, outdoor dining can be arranged.

The unique location creates some very special recreational possibilities and a spectacular view of The Svanemølle Harbour. At the same time the office building will be exposed along the coastline all the way up to Hellerup” explains Lars Toksvig.

’Holm 8’ – a unique location on the waterfront in a new part of Copenhagen, by the water
’Holm 8’ is situated in The Copenhagen Harbour – Nordhavn. An area that is presently undergoing major changes. In the future the site will be an integral part of the a new Copenhagen neighbourhood by the water. In Nordhavn there will be built 3,5 million m2 of housing, shops, offices, schools and cultural buildings. When the area is fully developed 40.000 people will be living in the neighbourhood. The area will at the same time be very well connected to transportation possibilities with two new metro stops, a cruise ship pier, a new tunnel and a marina.

A continuation of the architectural style of the harbour

The comb structure and the varying depths of the building, contribute to deconstruct the scale of the construction making the new office building seem a natural continuation of the building structures that already exist in the harbour area today. Especially Paustian and the other building designed by Utzon have been an inspiration for working with sloping roofs creating dynamics and giving character to the building.