The City Hall of the Future, Høje-Taastrup C.

The New City Hall in Høje-Taastrup will be a beacon and inviting gathering point in green surroundings.


  • Urban
  • Culture
  • Corporate




2018 – 2022


Under implementation


8,700 m²


Høje-Taastrup Municipality


PLH Arkitekter, COWI and ALL

Kick-starting a new neighbourhood
In collaboration with COWI and ALL, PLH Arkitekter has won first prize in the competition to design “The City Hall of the Future” in Høje- Taastrup. The city hall will kick-start the development of a new neighbourhood ”Høje- Taastrup C.” – an urban development project that is to transform Høje Taastrup by establishing a new city centre – a new green pulsating neighbourhood filled with life and experiences.

”We are extremely happy to have won the competition to design a new exciting and iconic landmark and gathering point that will connect Høje- Taastrup. We are very much looking forward to working on such a visionary project that supports the wish of the municipality to create an inviting and living city hall for citizens, collaborators and visitors; A city hall that promotes the democratic processes and supports city life in the new neighbourhood”.

- Søren Mølbak, partner and architect, PLH Arkitekter.

Søren Mølbak
+ 45 2720 0591

Visible landmark sets the scene for Høje Taastrup C.
The notable city hall is situated as a tower and visible landmark in the middle of the green park in the new city area in between the large shopping centre City 2 and the new future city centre. The city hall is situated in the transition point of the park as a structure in between the existing constructions, the new park and City 2, and will be the focal point of the new neighbourhood. The sculptural construction has landmark-quality and will be a strong opening gesture for the new centre of Høje- Taastrup, setting the scene for a new, more dense and living city. The tower will stand as a beacon for the citizens of Høje- Taastrup in the middle of the green and will interact nicely with the extended low volume of City 2.

A beacon and inviting gathering point in green surroundings
The city hall building resembles a tower that refers to the park and the citizens in an open and inviting gesture. Terrace and sundeck encircle the house creating an inviting plateau that pulls the park up around the building through four staircases. The staircases are shaped as activity staircases inviting people to play, undertake different activities and recreational stay. The building is encircled by the park and the arrival area is designed in alignment with the design language of the park. The green encircles the building and a comfortable green and inclusive outdoor space is created. The city hall stretches out into the park and becomes a natural and inviting gathering point meeting the citizens at eye level and in green and friendly surroundings.

Open and accessible meeting point with room for everyone
The city hall will be 9 stories tall. The first two floors will contain the citizen related functions. On the ground floor the arrival, The City Council Chamber, The Jobcentre and The Citizen Service Centre are placed. A large staircase goes from the central atrium to meeting centre on the first floor. The staircase can function as a gathering point and meeting place for arrangements and events. From the first floor, there is access to the surrounding plateau designed with smaller terraces around the building with a view overlooking the park. The next six stories contain flexibly designed working areas organised around the central atrium – the heart of the building. The atrium creates a light and inviting house with a visual connection in between the different floors, which contributes to knowledge sharing and a sense of unity.

Green rooftop terrace becomes a destination for the citizens
On the 9th floor the canteen is situated. The rooftop terrace is accessible to the public so that the citizens of Høje- Taastrup can gather for arrangements or events and enjoy the view of the city. The publicly accessible rooftop terrace and viewpoint invite the citizens up into the building, where there is a view over the entire new neighbourhood. By placing the rooftop terrace on top of the building, the city hall does not just become a visible landmark and beacon – but also a destination and viewpoint inviting the citizens in and making the city hall a memorable experience.

With this proposal The city of Høje-Taastrup get an exciting new city hall - both for citizens and employees. It is bright and open and inviting - and it will be a modern and well functioning workplace. We will also get a new attractive viewpoint, and new landmark and attraction for the entire city.

- Michael Ziegler, Mayor of Høje-Taastrup

It has been interesting to collaborate with the employees of the municipality on creating a 'Citizen's House'. It will not just be a fantastic new city hall - but also a democratic house that will embrace all the citizens of Høje Taastrup. It is a very likable project. By offering an active and open framework for everyone in the municipality, The City of Høje Taastrup is creating a new gathering point in the city generating closer ties in between citizens and the city hall.

- Kim Ringvei, Senior Project Manager, PLH Arkitekter

We are very much looking forward to working on such a visionary project that supports the wish of the municipality to create an inviting and living city hall promoting democratic processes.

- Søren Mølbak, PLH Arkitekter

The jury in this way motivates the winning proposal:

”The basic idea of the shared terrace with a view over the neighbourhood, establishes a clear hierarchy and a strong point of departure for the new district where the city hall makes up a notable destination and a characteristic beacon in the park. ”

”With this design the municipality of Høje-Taastrup will get a beautiful and notable new city hall, that offers something new and attractive which at the same time is rooted in the fundamental ideas established in the master plan and the park. The basic grip on the functionality and the vision create a new city hall with huge potential of becoming a dignified, open and inviting city hall.”