Psychiatric Center Bispebjerg

The new psychiatric center has a welcoming architecture and care, which is shown with openness, accessibility and options in the treatment of patients






2014 – 2025




22,500 m²


Mental health services in the Capital Region of Denmark


Co-architects: Friis & Moltke
Landscape architects: LYTT Architecture
Engineers: Søren Jensen A/S

PLH's competition design, developed in collaboration with Friis & Moltke, focuses on psychiatry's vision of openness, accessibility and options in the treatment of patients. The project strives to create attractive modern settings, where patients are the focal point and the hospital becomes a functional background. From the first stroke, the project’s clear ambition has been to create a welcoming architecture, where the patient and immediate treatment becomes the starting point for the physical environment.

The competition brief posed a series of dilemmas, which have been considered and balanced in the architectural solutions, such as how to get the maximum number of wards on the ground floor with direct access to garden spaces, on a very limited building site. Another key contradiction was the patient's need for discretion on the one hand and the need for vistas and daylight on the other.

Michael Shou
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There will be many opportunities for development, green scenery to look at and all patients will have their own private room. We are getting a unique possibility to create a visionary, modern and homely mental health services to the benefit of both patients, next of kin and personnel.

- Martin Lund, Director of the Mental Health Services in the Capital Region of Denmark, in occasion of The Groundbreaking Ceremony

When we look at the project it is obvious that it is created with the central idea of helping and caring for people. It is care, help and respect that people are met with... The modern facilities will give us new and unique possibilities of conjoining the treatment.

- Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Chairman of The Capital Region of denmark, in occastion of The Groundbreaking Ceremony