Carlsberg Den Røde Lagerbygning

Transformation of the former Carlsberg Warehouse into a modern office environment while maintaining the symmetric facades and historic ornamentation








Development project


5,700 m²


Carlsberg Byen P/S

One of Carlsberg's distinctive buildings, the “Red Warehouse is to be renovated and transformed into a modern office environment, in a contemporary interpretation of the the company’s rich heritage.

The symmetric facades and historic ornamentation are updated with large windows. On the west façade facing the main traffic artery, a doorway has been closed off. Facades on the north, south and east are redesigned with a combination of large panorama window, new vertical glazed elements and the replacement of the existing paned windows. The new main entrance is recessed into the north façade.

Lars Toksvig
+ 45 2720 0595

The design concept for the interior is based on a central atrium with 2 service cores. The ground floor includes an industrial kitchen and canteen, with commercial space on the north end of the building. The 1st and 2nd floors include a combination of closed and open plan offices and meeting rooms.

Skylights in the roof provide daylight in the office areas, while the glazed roof of the central atrium allows light to flood into the interior of the building.