PLH’s vision is to create architecture in balance with people and the environment

Architecture is buildings, urban space and design that is used by people and experienced with the mind and senses.  PLH has a holistic approach to creating architecture, which balances the aesthetic, conceptual and technical with human needs and patterns of use.

Sound, daylight, space, materiality…are some of the “soft factors” that are a very critical part of architecture’s quality and its impact on its daily users.  Research has shown that there are over fifty soft factors that can influence people’s well-being, behaviour and positive experiences within environments.  Directly or indirectly, there is a relationship between these factors and a building’s success from a social, environmental and financial perspective.

We see this holistic view as the optimal approach to sustainable design.  Buildings are more than “passive” users of energy.  They are also “active” environments, where human needs are an integral part of the creation of sustainable solutions where people can thrive.

The path to balanced architecture starts with good ideas and concepts.  Sustainability is integrated in our projects from the initial thoughts about form and function. We see workshops and knowledge exchange with the project’s stakeholders as the best foundation for the development of sustainable projects that are also aesthetically, functionally and economically successful.

We know that good architecture cannot be realised without coordination, leadership and collaboration. Constructive and open communication and a common goal are critical, from the concept through to the end result. Initially, a process of identifying and prioritizing needs and objectives with the client galvanises a common vision to the design process, whilst building enthusiasm and “ownership” of the project.